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ONCOTARGET: Comprehensive Genomic Profiling Panel for Cancer Detection
          The ONCOTARGET Genomic Profiling Panel, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize cancer detection by detecting genomic mutations. As a comprehensive NGS panel, ONCOTARGET empowers clinicians with accurate genotyping results, enabling personalized patient care. ...

FBS Alternatives for a successful culture
In this article, we propose alternatives to fetal calf serum for cell culture.

NeoBLOT : New mini vertical blot system
Transfer proteins from up to 2 gels

NeoPRO : New mini vertical electrophoresis system
Run 1 to 4 polyacrylamide gels in 35 minutes

Need an aid for pipetting? Try our new pipette controller
Superior performance for a very affordable price

NeoLine UV - Pipette carousel with UV-C lamp
Store, protect and disinfect your pipettes

New NeoLine micropipette range by Neo Biotech
A truly effortless pipetting experience - Available in mono and mutlichannel

Choosing the Best Antifadent
These are the critical decision factors which will help you select the most appropriate mountant: