=> 2024-06-30 :Over 15,000 ELISA Kits Now at 40% OFF

=> 2024-06-30 :Over 15,000 ELISA Kits Now at 40% OFF

Offer n°2024-ELISA valid until 30/06/2024




Offer n°2024-ELISA valid until 30/06/2024

Quality reliable ELISA Kits
Over 15,000+ choices

Unlock precision and accuracy with our extensive range of ELISA kits, encompassing over 15,000 products across 20+ species. including human, rat, mouse, rabbit, pig, cattle, goat, sheep, guinea pig, chicken and zebrafish, etc., which are involved in the fields of immunochemistry, oncology, neurobiology, cell cycle, signaling and other research.

The production of the kits strictly follows the three-step QC process of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, with high sensitivity, good specificity and excellent product performance, together with the complete pre-sale and after-sale process, we can provide you with a worry-free purchase and use support.

Our ELISA kits offer a multitude of advantages, including:

High sensitive

Different species

Rapid test

Professional support

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  • Different species





  • Different Sets and Kits 
48 and 96 tests


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