Denaturation and Hybridization System


 - User programmable settings :
      99 programmable settings
      Storage of 60 programmes
      4 modes : denaturation/hybridization, hybridization, custom and In-situ PCR

 - Capacity : 12 Slides

 - Ideal for humidity control with 4  water tanks

 - Strigent temperature control
      Heating on the 2 faces
      Real-time display for temperature curve
      Rapid temperature ramp-up and accuracy of ±1℃
      Superior temperature uniformity across all slide positions

 - Power failure recovery function
      When power comes again, the instrument will automatically start the
      setting program from the time it stopped
Cat# Description  
NB-12-0001 NeoBrite - Denaturation&Hybridization System AC100 or 240V 50/60Hz